Marijuana Business Consulting

marijuana business consulting

Marijuana Business Consulting

Developing, growing and protecting your marijuana business – from seed to sale.


The cannabis industry in Colorado has experienced unprecedented growth in the past several years since its legalization. As a consequence there has been a great expansion of the laws and regulations, which govern the commercial production and sale of marijuana and marijuana based products.

Navigating this complex and constantly changing regulatory framework requires experience and dedication. At TTB, our consulting department provides in-depth knowledge of the cannabis industry at all stages of the life cycle of a business. Whether you are thinking about starting a new business, seeking investment, need assistance with licensing and compliance in your current business, or want to sell an existing business, TTB Consulting understands how to structure your business in compliance with state and local regulations.

Consulting Services

Strategize. Organize. Implement.

Our consulting department helps businesses learn and adapt to the changing rules and regulations of the Colorado marijuana industry through expertise and guidance in licensing, legal, and regulatory compliance.

We differ from many other consultants because we know the licensing regulations throughout Colorado and understand what it takes to complete your licensing. Because of our experience, we are able to offer a fixed fee schedule for much of our licensing work, and can save your business substantial time and expense. We can proudly say that in the seven years we have worked with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and local municipality governments, we have never had a license application rejected.

TTB Consulting offers cost effective services to our clients and we are invested in the success of your business and your satisfaction in our work. We aim to make the licensing and regulatory compliance in your marijuana business as stress-free as possible.

Consulting Areas

Established Businesses

  • State and Local Licensing and Preparation
  • Assistance with Regulatory Compliance
  • Updates on Current Regulations
  • Business Expansion
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Development of Business SOPs

New Businesses

  • Finding a Suitable Location
  • Permit Acquisition
  • State and Local Licensing and Preparation
  • Target Market Research
  • Advertising Assistance
  • Facility Design and Layout
  • Grow and Manufacture Limits

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